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eReleases: Case Study in Excellent Customer Service

When you hear the phrase “customer service” do you cringe? Many of us associate “customer service” with a problem. We typically only deal with customer service personnel when we’ve encountered something undesirable, such as when our email stops working, or we receive the wrong product in the mail. But, really, customer service isn’t just about […]

3 Ways a Content Pro Can Save Your Neck

Communications professionals know how to write. It’s what you do day-in and day-out. Yet there are times when it makes sense to turn some of that writing work over to someone else – to a content creator. Like when you’re already putting in 10-hour days, or when you have an important launch coming up and […]

Why Writing Well Matters

The words you use and the way you string them together with punctuation often provide someone’s first impression of you. And since “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” as the old saying goes, spelling, grammar, and capitalization can make or break your brand’s overall status. Of course, if your company […]

4 Steps to Becoming a Business Thought Leader

Seth Godin. Sheryl Sandberg. Malcolm Gladwell. These are big names – names you’ve undoubtedly heard of. They are thought leaders – authorities, influencers, who are changing how business is done. If you aspire to become the go-to authority in your field or niche, there are a few steps you should start taking today. Because it […]