3 Ways a Content Pro Can Save Your Neck

Communications professionals know how to write. It’s what you do day-in and day-out. Yet there are times when it makes sense to turn some of that writing work over to someone else – to a content creator.

Like when you’re already putting in 10-hour days, or when you have an important launch coming up and you’re a little behind schedule (okay, maybe you’re really behind schedule). Working harder isn’t going to cut it – you’re already doing that. It’s time to give that work over to someone else to finish. Here’s why:

  1. Content pros will get the job done faster. That’s because, unlike you, they don’t have department meetings to go to or tedious conference calls they have to be on. They don’t travel as much as you do nor do they have an overflowing inbox of memos. They’re not part of your organization so they can focus on getting the job done. Fast. That blog post that would take you two days to research? You can have it in a few hours.
  1. They can double your productivity. Know that executive profile you have to submit tomorrow for the company newsletter? The one you haven’t even started – the one you don’t have time to start because of the white paper you’re working on? Your best option is to turn that profile over to a content writer. They can then schedule that interview with the executive this afternoon and get you a draft article first thing tomorrow. You can stay focused on your top priority project and still get that other top priority project done.
  1. Their level of creativity will be higher. You’re a specialist in your industry – you know it inside and out. You’re immersed in it 24/7. But writers have a broader view. They pay attention to the media, to what’s happening in other sectors and other parts of the world, so they have a different perspective. They’re often able to apply information from other industries to yours, making the breadth and depth of your content much better. You get content with a twist. A good twist.

Even if you aren’t overloaded with work at the moment, delegating projects to content pros can only make you look good.

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